Thursday, May 19, 2011

What's ur planning??? holiday is just around the corner!!! So, what's ur planning??? I'm sure that all the parents here have planned some activities & programme for the loved ones especially to our kids...Me??? Oh..Need to ask my Hubby first...Vacation??? Depends on budget...Cameron Highlands, Sabah & Langkawi some of the nice places to go...Ayah said, have to wait after Hari Raya bcoz need to spend a lot during Hari Raya...Kakak & Adik, it's ok mama will plan something interesting for us...Swimming, Art, Window Shopping or Movie...Which one do u prefer??? Maybe Cameron the nearest & the lowest budget or we just hang out near of our home...Ayah, please plan something for us??? Kesian kat Kakak & Adik & me too ur wife..Need some fresh air to breath...Need space to chillax...Oh greenny!!!

My own planning of course vacation...Where??? Cameron Highlands..It's quite a long time not to come here....Really miss this place a lot..So, my dear Hubby, please shall we go??? Cam dia baca jer ayat rayuan aku ni...Hopefullylah dia bacakan...

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