Friday, February 11, 2011


Salam Bloggers...Hari ni aku nak share en3 pasal "TELECOMMUTING"...
Apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan "TELECOMMUTING?

Telecommuting, also known as teleworking, is the act of working from a remote location, usually one's home. This is made simple with the use of various telecommunications technologies such as a telephone, fax machine and the internet. Many telecommuters are also set up with web conferencing capabilities allowing them to sit in on office meetings via modem and webcam, or at the very least, a conference call.

Ok maksud tersebut telah dipetik dari satu web melalui carian google...Dialih bahasa bahawa "TELECOMMUTING' adalah satu teknologi di mana kita berkerja dari rumah BUKAN di ofis..Ha seronok tak kerja kat rumah??? Actually, "TELECOMMUTING" ni ada baik dan buruknya..Well, let's check out the advantages & disadvantages of "TELECOMMUTING" which is my simple slide presentation for my assignment...


SAVE TIME – No need to spend time for travelling from house to work and back from work to house

SAVE MONEY – Save on fuel expenses, travel expenses e.g LRT, Toll etc

SCHEDULE FLEXIBILITY – Working at flexible hours, any time & anywhere

EARNING POTENTIAL – More efficient the workers can earn more wages

TAX ADVANTAGES – Can enjoy the tax write-off.

ALLOWS CLOSER PROXIMITY TO AND INVOLVEMENT WITH FAMILY – share quality time with family members

CONSUMING ENERGY- Cost of electricity, water & maintenance.

IMPROVES PRODUCTIVITY- No stress, no pressure, no competitors.


TIME MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES – Have to manage your time with your work time & home responsibilities

PERCEPTION OF FAMILY & FRIENDS – Sometimes be difficult for friends & relatives to understand your work.

LACK OF SOCIAL INTERACTION – No others worker, no boss & no everybody

DIMINISHED PRODUCTIVITY – unable to focus on work, family distraction, more pleasure time.

LACK OF OVERSIGHT – No direct monitor.
Jadi secara kesimpulannya apa yang dapat aku katakan adalah sama ada korang berkhidmat dari rumah atau pejabat, korang adalah diri korang...Terpulanglah untuk korang memilih tempat yang sesuai dari mana untuk korang bekerja..Tetapi bagi diri aku sendiri sekiranya diberi pilihan untuk bekerja sama ada dari rumah atau dari pejabat, aku tetap akan memilih pejabat kerana "HOME SWEET HOME", tempat beristirehat bukan tempat bekerja...Jadi buatlah pilihan yang bijak...Korang pula bagaimana???

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